Episode 32

Unsolved: The Murders of Betsy Aardsma & Molly Bish

This week on an all new episode of How Did We Miss That?! Christine & John bring you two unsolved cases and another push for the use of familial DNA sampling to help solve cold cases.

Christine starts things off with the haunting and mysterious case of Betsy Aardsma's murder in the stacks of the Penn State University library in 1969. Her murder remains unsolved to this day and has a paranormal twist, as students continue to claim that the area of her death in the library is haunted.

Later, John gets into the disappearance of 16-year old Molly Bish, who vanished from her lifeguard post at Comins Pond in Warren, MA in 2000. Her body was found a few years later in Nearby Palmer, but her case remains open with no real suspects to speak of. Her family is now pushing for the extended use of familial DNA sampling to hopefully shed some light on who abducted and murdered Molly.

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