Episode 22

The Angel Maker

Hey all, we are back! Sorry for the miss last week, our hostess Christine was recovering from some oral surgery and just could muster the strength to talk! She's feeling much better so here we are!

This week we bring you the shockingly sad story of baby serial killer, Amelia Dyer, also known as The Angel Maker. Hard to believe she killed over 400 babies during the Victorian Era. Also, sometimes those crazy government conspiracy theories you hear about are actually true! That's right, folks, don't trust everything you hear from our lovely government...sometimes they really are using LSD to experiment with mind control on unwitting citizens! Learn more about this as we take a dive into the MK-ULTRA Project.

Thank you so much for your support, we appreciate you! For more on these stories, you can find us at @howdidwemissthat on Instagram & Facebook. Keep your heads up and look out for each other...

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