Episode 34

Indigenous Injustice: The Murder of Fred Martinez & The Truth Behind the Canadian Residential Schools

This week we kickoff Pride Month with a unique story about transgendered Fred Martinez who was beaten and murdered because of her orientation. Fred was also a person of color and her story was never told in mainstream media, which is a tragic injustice.

We also get into the tragic story of the Canadian Residential Schools where the indigenous children of were required to attend in order to assimilate them into Canadian society. The schools were not what they seemed, however, as thousands of children died over the school's 100-plus years of operation, most of which were undocumented. Recently, a mass grave of 215 children was discovered at a closed school in British Columbia, sparking a new movement to try to identify the other undocumented deaths from these institutions throughout the country.

Thank you so much for your support, we appreciate you! For more on these stories, you can find us at @howdidwemissthat on Instagram & Facebook. Keep your head up and look out for each other...

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